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[did you see the winter soldier as a “tragic” figure?] yeah, i did, but you can’t play that, you know. it’s not something that you can really use. me as an outsider looking at a character like that i would say tragic, yes. me as the actor kind of playing him, i saw him as a real viable threatening weapon. somebody who just is almost operating from complete mechanical automatic ways of existing in life. he has very little trace of humanity left to him. and then somebody that essentially is starting to kind of feel things that he’s not — he hasn’t felt in a while. he doesn’t know why.”

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Steve crying after Bucky fell

What I love about this, is that this isn’t Hollywood crying (TM). This isn’t the single perfect manly tear of the hero, or the over the top Noooooooooo!!!!

This is real, ugly, in public and still can’t stop, tears down the nose, can’t breathe properly, awful crying.

And I love that we get Captain America doing it. Anyone who thinks Chris Evans doesn’t do an amazing job of portraying this incredibly human superhero, or Steve Rogers is a boring character in these films isn’t paying enough attention.

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anonymous asked: Bucky or Steve?

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"There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering. I think maybe that’s the path…a way to the redemption I’ve been looking for. My past is out there ticking like a time bomb. If I have any future I need to find it. I have to face it. Before it finds me."

Marvel Comics Meme | Ten Characters (1/10) ➻ James “Bucky” Barnes | The Winter Soldier

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//cats & boxes

are you fuckin kiddin me

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